Saturday, October 21, 2006

3D thing source

OK! the source can be found at


Ok! It's done.

It's not quite how I said it would be. There are no collisions, but everything else is there. All the nodes have the same mass, so there was no need to include that in the model.

To download the finished product goto and click on the products link in the left hand menu. The first product is the one you want, although you might want to try out the others too.

I'll post links to the source in a bit.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Warm up exercises

Right, today I'm going to start a simpler project:

I'm going to try to make an l-system style programme, but without any branches. Also each node will be of a certain type, that will be attracted to one type and repel its self from another. The attraction/repulsion will cause acceleration based on the mass of the nodes.

The nodes will be able to collide with eachother, and will also be enclosed within a cube, so they will bounce of the sides of that too.

The l-system part will be how I control the number of nodes - each type will beget two of two other types. You will be able to increase and decrease the number of nodes as whole layers, in a binary way i.e. 1, +2, +4, +8, etc.

I know I'm meant to be making AI software, but this idea excites me more than thoroughly designing a neural network designer.

The idea struck me after conversing with Baz of Elitebastards fame. He introduced me to an l-system that used repelling to form its shape. It looked pretty cool, so much so I wanted to do something like it.