Monday, June 24, 2013

More AI Ramblings

(This is technically after lunch, don't judge me!)

The other problem I thought up today was that I don't really know what each node of the distributed processes would do.

Should they all do the same thing? Neurons are all basically the same, should each processing unit be basically the same? Or should a unit be more like a part of the brain? So a unit would be like Broca's area, or the visual cortex, etc. But not those things exactly because they are human building blocks, not blocks of the programme.

Let's say there are N types of block. That is analogous to the modular approach to neurology and cognitive psychology. But they need to be resilient to defect, so any block's functions should, over time, be able to be transferred to some other block, as required. This is sort of analogous to the monolithic approach. Meeting in the middle seems par for the course with psychology. Shades of grey are inherent in defining consciousness. Maybe it's even more exciting than a grey scale, perhaps it involves all values of colour.

So the blocks' functions would be mutable. That's a scary thought, but practical.

I shall carry this on after today.

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